John Kingman Smith grew up in a musical household with parents who played and gave him an appreciation and love for bluegrass and folk music.

Those influences shine through in his music today whether he is playing solo or with his alternative-folk band 3 Dollar Suit ( 

Now based in the Baltimore area, John spent many years in Glen Rock, PA and writes songs about the towns, people and communities in which he's lived. 

He is currently working on production for two albums - a live concert recording with 3 Dollar Suit and a solo project. 


With the onset of the Global Pandemic John started playing more music with his son - Asa Smith.
Their growing repertoire comes out of the same influences as John's with a welcome touch of modern indie folk from Asa.
Asa is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, drums to name a few) who is busy with many of his own projects:

3 Dollar Suit represents a varied musical background – bluegrass and folk, to rock and blues.  That background comes through loud & clear through every verse and bridge in their arsenal. 

Through it all 3DS brings brings their love of music, leaving audiences often noting:  

           “These guys look like they’re having fun!”

John has been lucky enough to join Jenny Pickel for numerous shows - both as a duo and when Jenny has played with 3 Dollar Suit.

As one of the best singers and fiddle players in the area, her talent shines through whenever she's on stage. 
Jenny is also fiddle player and harmony singer in the critically acclaimed bluegrass band Troy Engle and Southern Skies.